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Chulkov Valeriy Aleksandrovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, associate professor, head of sub-department of information technologies and management in biomedical systems, Penza State Technological University (1a Baydukova lane, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The research subject is controlled ring pulse oscillators for phase synchronization devices and data recovery during their transmission through a communication channel or recovery in a data storage device. The research topicality consists in the possibility of increasing the accuracy of synchronization due to phase interpolation of the period by a set of time-shifted pulses from a multiphase ring oscillator as a local generator of a digital phase synchronization system. The aim of the work is to create basic circuits and variants of practical execution of controlled ring oscillator circuits with direct and indirect frequency control (through phase control), as well as to estimate their main characteristics.
Materials and methods. The study of the main characteristics of controlled ring oscillators was performed using methods of the phase interpolation theory, pulse sensitivity functions, synthesis of digital electronic circuits.
Results. Technical principles of phase interpolation have been considered and new circuit-based solutions of controlled ring pulse oscillators have been created, their modulation and noise characteristics have been estimated.
Conclusions. The application of the proposed technical solutions and deduced calculation relationships in the digital adaptive synchronization technique of data transmission and storage systems makes it possible to increase the synchronization accuracy without increasing the clock frequency of such systems.

Key words

phase interpolation, synchronization, ring oscillator, delay element, impulse sensitivity function

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